0.8.0 and 0.8.1 – Stage 7 added, Stages 1 and 2 improved

Version 0.8.0 introduces the 7th and last stage of the campaign, except for the final boss and ending which will be saved for 1.0. Rather than give away every detail of this stage, I will say it is just over the limit of my own playing skill, and my favorite piece of work thus far along with stage 1 (attack on your home) and stage 5 (cavalry chase).

Now I have started to go back and polish earlier stages. Version 0.8.1 improves the first two stages with some enemy repositioning and more powerful boss attacks.


Other changes

  • Fix player lost respawn invulnerability time after getting a new wingman.
  • Fix broken screenshot key (F12).
  • Increase player sprites contrast.
  • Improve level 0 shot from 1×4 damage to 2×3 damage.
  • Reduced health, faster fire rate, slower bullet for heavy shield enemy.
  • Invulnerability when converting a new demon increased from 1 to 1.25 second, about as long as the converting sound effect.
  • Reduced enemies’ ability to fire while near screen edges.
  • Fix too big hitbox on assassin’s kunai.
  • Fix stage 6 midboss got stuck when coming out the middle door a second time.

Roadmap from here


  • Polish up earlier stages. (Stages 1 and 2 already done)
    • Improve sparse areas by adding more enemies and visual details.
    • Some midbosses and bosses need more challenging and varied attack patterns.
  • At least one more tutorial explaining more gameplay mechanics.


  • Final boss and ending.
  • Any extra ideas that can be done in reasonable time.
    • Collectible cards – earn a few random ones each play
      • Gameplay hints – hidden mechanics and tactics
      • Enemy profiles
      • Rescued friend profiles

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