1 Year of development

Hello stalkers!

The day before yesterday, April 25, 2020, we officially celebrate a year developing The Zombie Zone 2! (I didn’t have time to write the article)

Thank you very much to all those who have been supporting the development of the mod during all this time!
We did not have much time to prepare a big surprise on this day but we will not arrive empty handed either.

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Don’t forget join to our Discord server to track any news about The Zombie Zone 2 development: The Zombie Zone 2 Official Discord Server

Let’s talk about something important:

There is a probability that the Story mode will never come out or be released in a long time, why this?, actually we have some problems in the dev team and we are only focused in Dead Zone gamemode right now, and i am introducing and teaching to a new developer, so this maybe can take so much time.

We are currently very hesitant about the story and lore for The Zombie Zone 2, we carry a good piece of work and ideas, but of which many have been clipped, removed or recycled throughout the development, I must also say that most of the content displayed will not be seen in the Dead Zone gamemode, but maybe in the Story mode or some other future game mode.

If Story mode never comes out?
Well… If at some point we decide that we will not develop this game mode, we will focus only on Dead Zone and we will be in charge of developing it, bringing new content in updates, for a long time until we decide to do a new project.

Don’t worry about the release, Dead Zone will be released, we don’t have a release data but at least Dead Zone Open Beta will be released this year.

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