10 Ways to Reconnect With Long Distance Relatives, Friends, and Relationships

It’s safe to say a lot of us are missing our partners, friends, and family right now. With the pandemic requiring folks to stay six feet apart from others and at home as much as possible, the people you normally meet up with for weekly drinks or monthly get-togethers are suddenly only available through a screen.

But even before the pandemic started, people have always looked for ways to stay connected to loved ones that are on the other side of the country or somewhere else in the world. We’re lucky enough to be able to connect with each other without spending extra money—if you have a phone, you can call, text, or video chat at a moment’s notice. Still, it can sometimes feel like there’s a layer of real human connection that’s missing.

Here are a few ways that go a little further than a phone or video call to keep you connected, including long-distance activities and products designed specifically to connect two people. You might think some of these items are a little gimmicky, but when you’re missing those that you love, it can be really important to have a dedicated way to show you care.

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