13 brilliant black-owned fashion brands for your shopping list – Stylist Magazine

When it comes to racial diversity in fashion, the industry’s slate is not the cleanest. And, while progress has undoubtedly been made over the past few years to shape the fashion industry into a more represented space, it is still considerably lacking. 

Without a doubt there are more black models on the catwalk, being cast in campaigns, fronting magazine covers than ever before, but there are still emerging black talents not receiving adequate recognition and a hesitation from shoppers to stray from places they are already familiar with.

Black fashion brands and business want us to help them share their creativity with opportunity, so we are doing just that. If you, like all of us here at Stylist, have pledged to do better, then this is a place for you to start – a curated list of the chicest pieces from brilliant black-owned business and brands to wear now and forever. 


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