15 Best Weekend Deals: Headphones, Kitchen Essentials, and More

Remember last year when everyone was talking about Hot Girl Summer? That was great. Loved it. Miss it so much my ribs hurt. This year we’ll have stay-inside-don’t-touch-anyone-don’t-do-anything-don’t-go-anywhere girl summer. It’s not as good. It’s worse, it’s so much worse.

Thankfully, there’s plenty to do inside, so you might not go entirely off the deep end. For example, everyone’s making bread now. To help, we’ve had a look around for some of the best deals on stuff to keep you entertained inside, and there are some real gems this weekend.

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Headphone and TV Deals

Photograph: Bose 

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Gaming and Kindle Deals

Photograph: Rockstar  Link to Original Story

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