16 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom (Even if You Can’t Visit)

I would occasionally like to recommend other noise-canceling headphones, but I just keep reaching for the Airpods Pro. The fit is comfortable. They pair well with my iPhone 11. And over and over, I’ve found the noise-canceling to be astounding.

While writing this, I was wearing the Airpods Pro while playing low white noise. My 3-year-old crawled into my lap, and I soon realized that I could see his lips moving, but not make out a word he was saying. If you know a mom who is an iPhone user, give her the gift of a little personal space.

If AirPods Pro rise beyond your budget, the 1More Stylish True Wireless ($100) are our favorite wirefree buds, though they lack active, electronic noise canceling. They do block out a fair amount of noise, though.

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