18 Labor Day Deals to Make Your Home an Oasis: Candles, Lighting, Plants, and More

Early during the pandemic, I wrote a guide on staying sane and relaxed during quarantine. We’re now several months farther in, and there’s still no end in sight. It doesn’t help that it’s Labor Day weekend, and we can’t partake in the usual cookouts, beach trips, and quality time with friends and family this year.

Redecorating or stocking up on sleep essentials won’t make things outside better, but it might help make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home. I was already a homebody before quarantine, so I like to think of myself as a pro at turning my living quarters into a cozy oasis to hide from the world. Thankfully, there are some great deals on home and wellness products right now, and we’ve collected our favorites to help get you started building your own safe space.

Once your home is your own personal paradise, check out our Ultimate Quarantine Self-Care Guide for more ways to decompress. For more discounted goodies, check out our roundup of Labor Day mattress and camping deals.

Finally, we may be biased, but through Labor Day, you can get one full year of WIRED for $5 ($25 off). Subscriptions help support the work we do every day. Have a good weekend!

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Deals to Set the Mood

Photograph: Michael’s 

Candles, bulbs, sound machines, and plants can all set the mood of a room and fill it with pleasant scents.

  • Yankee Candles Up to 50 Percent Off: Yankee Candles are pricey, but they’re popular for a reason. The large size will give you a ton of burn time (the company claims 110 hours), and the scents are superb. Instead of the barely-there scents of other candles, these will fill your rooms with the aroma of whatever scene you want to create—maybe a campfire, a fall night, or a Christmas village.

  • Michael’s Fall and Halloween Decor Up to 40 Percent Off: Michael’s is not just the place to go for paints and yarn, it’s also a great place to shop if you want to fill your home with small trinkets and decorations. Fall and Halloween decor are already on sale, so it’s time to decorate! (I bought one of the yogi skeletons last weekend.)

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  • Michael’s Faux Florals Up to 40 Percent Off: Michael’s fall flowers and greenery are also on sale. As I said in our guide to keeping calm, I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to taking care of plants, but I do love them. That’s why I’ve filled my apartment with faux options instead. These have come a long way, bringing warmth to your home without looking too plasticky or shiny.

  • Lula’s Garden Succulents for 25 Percent Off: If you’re a better plant parent than me, Lula’s Garden is having a small sale on some of its succulents, including the cute Desert Bundle and Terra Bundle.

  • C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb for $18 ($12 off): A smart bulb that can change colors can improve the ambiance in a room—you can relax in a warm orange glow or have a quarantined dance party with dynamic lighting. This model from C by GE is easy to set up and use. The two-pack is not on sale, but buying two separately is cheaper. If you’re dipping your toes into smart bulb territory for the first time, it’s a good model to start with.

  • LectroFan for $37 ($13 off): Sound machines can help ease restlessness at night, but you might find them helpful in other situations too, like when you’re trying to meditate or focus on work. The LectroFan is our favorite sound machine because it’s unobtrusive and offers surprisingly sophisticated options.

  • Aerie Loungewear Sale: If your house should be comfy, so should your clothes. Aerie’s sweatshirts are 40 percent off, leggings are 30 percent off, and bralettes are 50 percent off.

Weighted Blankets Deals

Luna Blanket

Photograph: Luna

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