3D Art Dump #2 – Bronze Armours

Hello everyone, Benjin here again with yet another 3D Art Dump! Since the last one, I have put lot more work has been put into creating new assets for our characters. This 3D Art Dump will showcase three of the latest bronze armours that I have made from scratch while recording video footage of myself doing the work.

For both of the torso armours shown here today, you may notice that they have been labelled as “modular”. This means that they are built up of several different parts that can be mixed and matched to create different variations of the same set. This will create a lot more potential for variation for any characters who will be wearing the armour. A diagram of the heavy variant’s of the Dendra Armour’s modules has been provided to show more clearly how they fit together.

More art dumps will be coming very soon, so stay tuned!

– Benjin

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Bronze Armour #1 – Dendra Armour (Modular)

[embedded content]

Bronze Armour #2 – Maryannu Scale (Modular)

[embedded content]

Bronze Armour #3 – Villanovan Helmet

[embedded content]

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