4 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends to Wear at Home – Vogue

When designers began working on their spring 2020 collections, it was impossible for them to have predicted we would be in a global health crisis when deliveries hit stores. They also might not have been expecting to design for people at home. However there are a couple of cozy spring 2020 fashion trends you can try right from the comfort of home—and hopefully inspire you to get out of a sartorial funk and back into some fun, spring fashion once again.

With the spring season settling in right in front of our eyes (or through the window in many cases) you might be itching for a few fresh ideas to get dressed these days. We may be putting our raffia accessories, ’70s-inspired suits, trench coats, and knee-length shorts on hold for now, but in the meantime, here are four spring 2020 fashion trends that you can wear from home.


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