5 Sports You Didn’t Know You Can Play In Warrington & Cheshire – Gary Skentelbery

There are so many benefits to playing sports. Beyond the physical benefits like improved endurance and strength, sports are great for your mental health.

When you play a group sport, you build relationships through teamwork and shared experiences. What do Warrington and Cheshire have to offer? Here are five sports you might be surprised by:


Go-karting is a motor-racing sport that uses small, four-wheeled vehicles. Also known as “karting,” it’s a very popular recreational and competitive sport. If you ever want to go into more advanced motorsport, go-karting is a great place to start. Even if you just want to do it for fun and not compete, there are many benefits! It improves your concentration, reflexes, and alertness. The thrill of the race also increases your oxygen flow and confidence. Never tried this sport before? The first thing to know is that the steering wheels are more sensitive than a regular car. This gives you more control, but if you’re unfamiliar with the steering, it’s common to turn too sharply. Turning properly takes some practice.

In Warrington, you can find the largest purpose-built indoor go-karting track in the UK. TeamSport Go Karting Warrington offers a 1000m international circuit with 35 bends and a Monaco-style tunnel. If you’ve dreamed of an F1 experience, this is very close.


Karate was developed in East Asia over the centuries. In Okinawa during the 17th century, it became especially popular as weapons were banned. Karate went to Japan in the 1920s, where several systems and schools appeared. Karate then went to European countries, including the UK. You can find many martial arts studios throughout Cheshire and Warrington. Why is karate such a great sport? It challenges the entire body, strengthening your core, arms, legs, and more. It’s also a sport of the mind as it improves control, composure, and confidence.

Paul Graham (8th Dan) founded Cheshire Karate Centres in 1978. The Centre teaches Shukokai Shitoryu Karate. It’s a member of the SSKA. You can find locations throughout Warrington and neighboring areas. They offer regular beginner and advanced classes, so whether you’re brand new to karate or experienced, you’ll find something that fits.


According to The New York Times, this sport was invented in the 1970s when two friends wanted to test who had better survival skills. Considered an “extreme” sport, paintball can be played in teams or with individuals. The goal is to get your opponents out of the game by tagging them with paintballs shot from paintball guns. It’s a very popular activity for stag and hen parties, as well as groups looking to build their teamwork. Skills involved in paintball include concentration, mental clarity, and strategy. People who play paintball also enjoy a full-body workout that promotes endurance and strength.

There are a few paintball venues in Cheshire and Warrington, including those operated by Paintballing Limited. The Warrington location is found on acres of woodland and welcomes paintballers of all ages. If you’re looking for an intense experience, try out the Speedball zone.


Archery is a great sport that can be played by just about anybody. Serious archers practice for hours, but you don’t need to be a professional to enjoy archery. It can be played indoors or outside. Benefits include increased strength, control, and coordination. It’s also a great way to exercise without too much exertion. It requires short bursts of energy from your core muscles, especially in your chest, arms, hands, and upper back muscles.

You can find archery at the outdoor activity centre Adventure Cheshire, which welcomes groups or individuals. Visitors must be at least 13-years old. Located on 200 beautiful acres, this venue is a great place for anyone interested in the ancient sport of archery.


Invented in the 1960s in the United States, pickleball is a blend of table tennis and badminton. As the story goes, the sport was invented when three friends tried to set up badminton for their bored families, but couldn’t find the shuttlecock. Instead of giving up, they created a new sport with a perforated plastic ball and plywood paddles. Pickleball is played on a badminton court, but the net is lowered to 3-feet high. Players hit a plastic ball with a large table tennis-style bat. It’s very popular because it requires less exertion than regular tennis. The paddle is light, as is the ball. Because of these traits, it’s a popular sport for older people and those who struggle with higher-impact sports.

There are a few places to play this sport in Cheshire, so pack your pickleball gear in your bag and head out to Poynton Pickleball Group or the Congleton Leisure Center Pickleball Group. If you don’t have your own gear, the centre will provide what you need.

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