7 2020 Fashion Trends That Everyone Decided to Pass On – Who What Wear

Earlier this year (and late last year, post-S/S 20 fashion month), we had many predictions as to what the biggest 2020 fashion trends would be. Then we were all instructed to shelter in place for months, and everything changed—including what we want to wear day in and day out. When it comes to trends, comfort has been the ultimate priority this year, and many of the trends we thought we’d all be wearing were replaced by far more comfortable ones.

That said, we’re not giving up hope that these trends will still come to be. We can tell that people are already anxious to take a break from elastic waistbands and things with the word “sweat” in the name, even if it’s just for takeout dinner at home. With big events like weddings, birthday parties, and vacations being sidelined for now, it can be hard to work up the motivation to try the latest trends, so we get it—trust us. With that, keep scrolling to find out which seven trends are on the back burner this year and what everyone is wearing instead.


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