7 Best Gaming Controllers (2020): PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch

If you tell teammates on Overwatch that you play with a gamepad, a couple of them will probably quit. There is a huge stigma against using gamepads in online games, particularly on PC. Hardcore gamers cite lack of precision, slow reaction times, and clumsy aim as justification for dumping on gamers who use controllers instead of a mouse and keyboard.

There are two things to unpack here. First, the gamepads on this list are designed to banish that stigma. The Scuf Prestige, specifically, is designed for competitive use even in PC games. Customized correctly, a gamepad isn’t going to hold you back. Second, there’s a question of accessibility. Not everyone can use a mouse and keyboard, even if they want to. The perception that someone could never perform as well as their mouse-and-keyboard-using compatriots is false, at best. It’s gatekeeping, plain and simple, and who has time for that anymore? Games are for everyone.

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