9 Best Running Socks (2020): Compression, Moisture-Wicking, and More

You think nothing of dropping $100 or more on a pair of running shoes. Ditto for the considerable sums you’ve invested in compression tights, hydration vests, and anything else that helps you conquer your own personal mountains.

But what about your socks? Small as they are, they’re probably more responsible for your (dis)comfort than anything else you work out in. If they don’t fit right, welcome to Blister City; if they don’t handle moisture well, you’re looking at a long, cold trail run.

Fear not. Whether you’re a boot camp addict or an ultrarunning aficionado, there’s a sock for you. We’ve sifted through the seemingly unending variety of cut and cushion—and, yes, color—to find options that are well worth their price tags. Your feet are in good hands.

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