A bit belated Dev-blog

Greetings everyone and welcome to what should be the final dev blog before the release.


As you may have read from our comments over time,we are very close to release(or as brother Gambit has specified,at 95%).What remains is essentially finishing up the abilities of the Phareons and the most important part of developing,fine tuning and final beta testing. In this way,we make sure that everything is in order and works as bugfree as possible all within our available free time.We take no half-measures since we aim to keep on our promise. Unfortunately, this also means we shall not be able to release directly on the end of January.This is why we couldn’t specify a fixed date in the first place.We can confirm though this will be the final delay and only shortlived,as our new goal is within early to mid at worst February.A prime time for release actually,since for many, it is the end of the Winter Exam period.
You have stayed with us all this time(and we are extremely thankful for that) and thus we ask you for one last time to hold the line.For we assure you,it is worthwhile.

Since we are here however,it is a great opportunity to make a couple of more reveals that we have promised to you before.

For starters,as some of you correctly guessed on our last dev blog,the surprise contender for the Phareon choice for this version,is no other than Xun’Bakyr,the Mother of Oblivion of the Oblivion of the dreaded Maynarkh Dynasty.


As we have mentioned before,each Phareon brings their own characteristics and honour guard to your army. And they are the only ones who may summon the Shard of the Void Dragon, for a cost…

Speaking of Phareons and their abilities,the upcoming version also marks the rise of a model from its tomb that some of you may be familiar with.

FragJacker ‘s Stasis Bomb model shall make its intended debut as Trazyn’s little gift from his Grand Vaults.

Following,we have a common secret by now,the Tier I Titan Equivalent for the Necrons:the Canoptek Seraptek by our beloved brother Miros! \o/


(Yes,this is the reason for the 4 Xs on the Subspace Spire description.)

And of course,as it was promised,the Hellhammer upgrade for the Baneblade is here to help you pound the Emperor’s enemies into sub-atomic waste!


And at this moment,we believe is time to answer one of the most asked questions.Which is none other than the new races that will be included in this version and the actual reason behind the updates in the vanilla races.
They are as follows:

Dark Angels (Final version.)
Witch Hunters (Final version.)
Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators (QoL update.)
Emperors Children (Final version.)
Inquisition Daemonhunt (Final version.)
Salamanders (Final version.)
Imperial_Fists (Final version.)
Steel Legions (QoL update.)
The Dance Macabre (Final version.)
Thousand Sons (Both QoL update and some new additions but a final rework is scheduled for the future.)
Blood Angels (QoL update.)
Legion of the Damned (Final version.)
Tyranids (Christmas version.)
Chaos Daemons (New and custom rework for Unification based on Gambit’s original project with additional rework planned.)
Rage (New Version.)
Thirteenth Company (A Space Wolves mod.)(New version.)
Black Templars (QoL update on the latest version.)

Most of the mods(for the record,all aforementioned race mods above are being developed by our Team,Team Thudmeizer) that have received just Quality of Life(notably,the AdMech,Blood Angels,Steel Legion and Thousand Sons) will receive their rework after this version is released,due to time constraints.
Races that are not mentioned in the aforementioned list,like the Vostroyans and the Renegade Guard,do have support but are not developed enough to warrant be included in the pack at this time.However,you can manually add them as a requirement in the corresponding module file.Instructions will be released on how to do it.
The auxiliary mods Objective Points and FreeUI have been included inside Unification itself while the No-Fog fix and the 4gb patch(LAA aka NTCore patch) have been already incorporated already in the Mod Launcher already released on our webpage for maximum convenience.Our Installer on the other hand has been configured to make the procedure as easy and painless as possible.
Please note that due to the issue of size,the mods themselves(alongside Unification proper),will be compressed and packaged in SGA(the native game high compression format).Unification proper(without the race mods) for example is calculated to be only 2gb while big mods,like the EC and the IF just 1gb(which are the biggest).We shall go in full detail with numbers as we are closing to release,due to us still working on the mods but you can expect them not to be higher than 8-10 gb(do not forget,there is a lot of content coming).

Lastly,we would like to tackle one more important topic.Many of you have graciously offered to send us donations.At this moment,we would like to clarify that we can’t accept any monetary donation.Our work has been,is and for ever will remain free.We shall never paywall or put a pricetag on any version of Unification.It is and shall remain forever free of charge.However,we salute brother oyunpapağan’s initiative of charity donation as an alternative.Thus,if you still wish to contribute monetary to us,we ask you instead to donate to the charity of your choice in the name of the mod.For your kind words and support are a huge payment already.While admittedly,none of us is in a rich position,we know that there are many fellow humans that have not been as fortunate as we have been and need any help they can get.Therefore,if possible,we hope through our passion that is modding,attempt together,each in their own way to make our world a better place,step-by-step.

Hold the line and stay safe everyone!And thank you again for your enormous support!

-The Unification Dev Team.

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