A Gossip Girl Fan Spotted a Major Fashion Error That You’ll Never Be Able to Unsee – Glamour

The Gossip Girl hive has something to laugh about right now, thanks to one eagle-eyed fan.

In late April, TikTok user Skye Hanamaikai shared an absolutely hysterical fashion mistake she noticed while re-watching old episodes of the Upper East Side teen drama, Gossip Girl.

Let’s look back at Season 6, Episode 4, “Portrait of a Lady Alexander.” The TikTok shows Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) wearing a form-fitting peach dress as she chats with Lonely Boy, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). “Okay, I’m watching Gossip Girl and here is Serena standing up. She looks right,” Hanamaikai says over video of the It Girl leaving her table. “Oh, there she is again. She looks good.”

“But then,” Hanamaika says, through uncontrollable laughter. “She’s wearing sweatpants!” Sure enough, in the final frame, you can see Lively wearing a pair of draw-string sweatpants over her peach dress.

In just a few days, the TikTok in question has amassed over six million views, one million likes, and thousands of comments. Fans are living for this resurfaced bit of gossip. “The fact that I’ve rewatched Gossip Girl three times and still didn’t notice,” one commenter wrote. “I still stan Serena even with her sweats,” another supportive fan said. However, there was one particular comment worth noting, which pointed out another mistake in the same scene. TikTok user @sajje24 asked, “Is nobody gonna mention she magically got a purse too?”

Side note: we are very concerned about the amount of You fans in the comments who didn’t know Badgley was in Gossip Girl

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