Age of Hell – The New Armoury

Armoury Concept

Much like the bestiary, the weapons in The Age of Hell were always going to be something new, but feel fairly close to the originals. The tropes set forward by classic Doom are good ones and it didn’t make sense to go too outside the box. But like all good things, this idea evolved into something slightly more ambitious. This was in no small part due to the legendary Amuscaria/Eriance (of Hellforged fame) throwing his hat into the ring along with TheMisterCat lending his coding skills to make the armoury into something truly unique.

New Found Power

The BFG fulfills the same purpose as the classic version. Big, booming and always good for a crowd this bad boy will fulfill all your slaughtering needs. A few mechanic changes though, it now operates more like a modern equivalent with the tracers originating from the blast center. The downside now is that it will damage the player making it less suitable for close quarters

To help beef up your close range power the new plasma rifle comes equipped with a small amount of aoe damage on the standard fire.

New Tricks, Old Dogs

One of the things that I always felt would be an improvement is to remove the obsolescence that you get with the classic Doom weapons. The super shotgun, chaingun and BFG render the single shotgun, pistol and plasma rifle respectively redundant once you get their bigger counterpart. Yes there are specific situations where the lesser variant is more useful but this is rare. One way this will be changed in The Age of Hell is the plasma gun and BFG will no longer share ammo. Another mechanic we have added is alt fires to all of the weapons. You wont be able to spam these attacks but they should add a purpose to each weapon that makes it better than others in certain situations

Dragon Breath alt fire

Plasma Grenade alt fire

Baubles of Office

And lastly, the various pick ups are getting a rework. Voxels will be used for the majority with the power ups being something a bit special to help draw the eye and make them stand out. Most of the pickups will have the same function as classic Doom but there will be some new power ups to add additional spice to the gameplay

Heavy Armour



One last treat. Meet Age of Hell Guy

That’s it from me for now. The next article will probably be a bit of a level showcase and we’re getting close to being able to reveal some actual gameplay footage as well.

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