Age of the Ring Version 5.0



Time for Dol Guldur!

Age of the Ring Version 5.0: The Dungeons of Dol Guldur

For a full list of changes, please refer to the CHANGELIST.


  1. Download the Installer
  2. Unzip both of the files in AotR_Version_5.0.rar (if you can’t open the file, download Winrar or 7zip)
  3. Run installer.exe (if it doesn’t work, please run it as Administrator)
  4. The installer creates a shortcut to Age of the Ring 5.0 on your desktop


For using T3A:Online, nothing has changed – just make sure RotWK is hooked from the T3A:Online Launcher.

For using Gameranger, the process has been simplified:

  1. Open Gameranger
  2. Go to Edit > Options…
  3. Find and select Rise of the Witch-king
  4. Under Location, select Browse
  5. Browse to your Age of the Ring 5.0 installation folder and select lotrbfme2ep1.exe, then click Open.

To play normal RotWK, reverse this process by selecting lotrbfme2ep1 from RotWK’s installation folder.

********** PLEASE READ BELOW **********

  1. This is a full version. You don’t need to have previous mod versions installed.
  2. AotR 5.0 does NOT yet support 2.02 v8.2.0. To play Age of the Ring, either don’t update to the latest 2.02 version or use the 2.02 launcher to set your Rise of the Witch-king to v8.0.1.
  3. To uninstall Age of the Ring 5.0, simply delete the Age of the Ring 5.0 folder and shortcut.

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