AGF Aarhus v Randers: Virtual Zoom grandstand allows fans to watch Danish Superliga

Three screens were joined together to make a 40 x 2.8m screen with space for 200 fan images at a time

Is there anything we don’t use Zoom for at the minute?

Thanks to a virtual grandstand at AGF Aarhus, fans of the Danish Superliga side were able to watch their season-opener against Randers despite restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic.

Three giant screens were joined together to allow fans to show their support – and let the players hear them – during Thursday’s game.

The match proved too much for some fans…

…but around 10,000 fans were able to join in and watch the match live.

“When fans log in, they’ll see some faces they recognise,” AGF’s head of media, Soren Carlsen, told The Guardian.

“When you go to football, it’s a community experience. This is a chance for people to get together.”

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