AKAI NOROI Release Date Final Update

AKAI NOROI Release Date Final Update !

I am very happy to announce that AKAI NOROI has finished development and will be out on the Steam platform 24th July 2020!

Add the game to your wish-list here: Store.steampowered.com

Watch the release trailer!

The game has been in development for roughly 1 year and a few months, it has been quite a ride and a lot of work being that i am a solo dev. I can’t wait to share my creation with you all, I have taken great care to bring forth a highly atmospheric game with special world building and highly immersive and atmospheric audio design. Every enemy in AKAI NOROI is connected story wise and was once human before being cursed by the ancient Yurei. You will play as AKIO and go through a nightmarish world to both uncover your own truth but also the residents in the sleeping quarters, all stories in the game intertwine and are connected and much more! The game features 9 Steam Achievements + Three different possible endings!

The game will be available on Steam 24th July for the retail price of 12.99 Euro. Be sure to grab the game the first week if you want to get 10% off as i will be doing a discount the first week!



• Dynamic paranormal event system.
• HUD objective and event system.
• The game changes the longer you stay in it.
• Investigation through journals etc.
• Unpredictable gameplay with focus on story and subtle horror.
• Horrifying AI
• Multiple different endings depending on player choices
• Story rich gameplay with a immersive environment
• Psychological horror and story rich character progression

Adjustable quality settings available inside the game through ESC > Options.
View, create and manage keybindings of controls inside the game through ESC > Controls.

Created by Aza Game Studio


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