Ali’s Brutal Doom v0.8b RELEASED

This update will be quite a different experience from basically every other version before it. I’m excited to see you all experience it for yourselves.

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Here are the major changes to the mod:

–The shotgun slam-fires like it should in a modern FPS game.
–The Pistol is forever silent and has a red dot site
–Kicks and punches have been expanded to every weapon, no matter how heavy
–The item store was revamped by IDDQD_1337 and you can now defend yourself when ambushed.
–The Rocket Launcher can now be charged up and fire
–The ABD OPTIONS menu has been organized

Ali's Brutal Doom v0.8b

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Of course I must share some Lucky Fan Game play Videos:

[embedded content] [embedded content] [embedded content]

Awesome testers, fans, and supporters:
warriorbug, Xenolix, Moa_Dixon™, A_Fricking_Heretic, GOLDƎN-MOBSTƎЯ72 , JMartinez2098, Saad356, TheOldKingCole, popguy12, olzhas1one, APM (Alex Mueller), Goldsteed (Anime Tiddie Expert)

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