Amy Shark on the Christian Dior backpack she doesn’t leave home without – Sydney Morning Herald

How would you describe your style?
Pretty casual. I like to have a kind of uniform. The artists I looked up to all had a certain look; it’s how you identify them. For me, it’s a T-shirt, jeans, boots and an Adidas jacket. Then I do a large topknot – it gives me an alter ego. My music is about very real things and I want to make sure that I am as real as possible.

What’s the oldest thing in your wardrobe?
I love vintage sportswear. I have some really old-school Adidas tracksuit sets. Adidas has always been a big part of my life; watching rappers and artists like Oasis and Amy Winehouse wearing the three stripes. I also have some epic polo shirts that belonged to my husband’s granddad.

Amy Shark: “I’m just weird about showing skin and people looking at me. It’s awkward. I just like writing music.”Credit:Nicol Biesek

What would you wear on …
… a first date? Skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I might wear a little see-through number underneath, depending on how badly I wanted this dude.
… a plane? Grey Michael Jordan track pants and a vintage Adidas oversized jumper I can disappear in.
… to the Oscars? I like those long-sleeve dresses Kate Middleton rocks.

What’s your favourite fashion era?
The ’90s. I love that time – for me it’s all Notorious B.I.G. and Interscope Records and Snoop and No Doubt and grunge. It was that effortlessly cool look: oversized shirts and track pants with weird dad caps.


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