An extreme £122 discount on this extremely cool 1TB portable SSD

If you’re after a portable SSD this Cyber Monday then this is as good as discounts get: A Sandisk 1TB SSD at £122 off the list price of £221.99, going for £99.99. Packing an NVMe SSD in its heart, this thing is lightning fast as PC storage goes. This drive can also be used as external storage for consoles, and boasts 1050MB/s read and 1000MB/s write speeds.

One of the key points with this SSD, aside from the deep discount, is that it’s designed to be lugged around and boasts a rugged design for ‘extreme’ conditions, which basically means it’s water and dust resistant. In the manufacturer’s own words “this tough drive can take a beating.” You might think ‘well I wasn’t planning to take it in the bath’ but it’s more about it surviving life’s mishaps: a spilled drink or a dropped bag (the drive also has a loop to attach it to things).

The price includes a 5-year limited warranty, and in our round-up of the best PC SSDs, Sandisk’s build methodology comes in for considerable praise for its marriage of performance and (as seen here) price.

You might think that capacity is more important than raw pace for a portable SSD, but if you’re transferring large image or video files between computers for work, or using one to boost the game storage of your laptop or console, then you want it to be running as quickly as one installed directly inside your system.

If you’ve got money to burn however and want a little more storage, and aren’t so fussed about the drive being portable and capable of surviving water immersion, this Samsung SSD is a great alternative: it’s got double the storage and is faster, though doesn’t have quite as good a discount.

Finally, and this really is for the extreme among us, the all-singing all-dancing 2TB model of the Sandisk also has a discount: But this also boasts super-fast speeds and has a much higher price in the first place. Nevertheless the discount is a big one: Usually £428.99, it’s £259.99 (£169 off).

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