An Ode To Virgin Suicides, The Film That Introduced The Fashion Nightgown – Refinery29

The parallel between The Virgin Suicides and our world right now is undeniable. Trapped within our own homes by the shelter-in-place orders, we are drawn to the comfort and ease that nightgowns provide. No wonder there’s been a #nightgown explosion on TikTok, instantly revitalizing the fashion trend. But also, the resurgence of nightgowns is yet further proof of fashion’s fixation with eras like the ‘70s. “It seems like, to me, that style comes back every 20 years… but it’s a new version of the ‘70s. It’s combined with more modern takes on it,” says Steiner, likening the fashion nightie comeback to the recent revival of the high-waisted, full-leg pants, now featuring a shorter, ankle-length cut. “It’s just these little style details that make something more modern or less.” Source

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