Aperture Additions #1 – Kept you waiting, right?




Good evening! What have you been up to? I’ve been updating the mod, and it’s looking pretty sharp. So what’s been going on under the table? Let’s give you a little taste.

First off: Maxim’s Eye has Changed!

Screenshot 37

Leave the comments about the generic design all you want but this likely won’t be the final core design.

Next, I’ve added new loading screens!

However, I’ve had to rename all my maps due to this, which is a real pain in the neck. Right? I’m sure someone can relate to this.

I’ve also had a Loading Screen overhaul in the process, and this is what it SHOULD look like.

Screenshot 41

Again, this is not the final design. The Extended Play Button is Non-Functional. Also the “Quit the Game” button is too far down. Professional!

Finally, I’ve also added a rapid fire chamber. I’m not going to show you pictures yet in the hopes you’ll play it yourself. It’s not hard, It’s just on a strict time limit.

That is all I’ve got to say. I really hope you have any feedback for me, good or bad. I’m not sure I want a team yet, but we’ll see. Time will tell.

Well, off to play ERROR v1.4. (Thanks M_K_L)

(Turret Voice) Good night. Shutting Down…


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