Apex Legends bunkers are opening soon, according to a leak

When season 5 launched, one of the first new things to check out was the strange bunker carved into the cliff face near the Broken Coast South area of Kings Canyon. While the loot in that landing spot is mostly lacklustre—bar a shiny Legendary Knockdown Shield—a dataminer thinks we may be in for some more exciting drops when the mysterious Apex Legends bunkers start opening across the map. 

Apex dataminer Shrugtal reveals four Terminal Stations that will each open over the course of a week, starting on June 16. Each bunker will reportedly be kitted out with a legendary item, including the Legendary Knockdown Shield we’ve already seen, as well as golden Prowler, Sentinel, and Havoc weapons.

Judging by the map screenshots shared in the leak, here’s what we can expect to find in each location:

  • Terminal F-85 Station, opening June 16-23: Legendary Knockdown Shield
  • Terminal Station W-73, opening June 23-30: Golden Prowler
  • Terminal Station O-240, opening June 30-July 7: Golden Sentinel 
  • Terminal Station L-19, opening July 7-14: Golden Havoc 

In chronological order these Terminal labels seem random, but if you remove the numbers and reorder the letters, together they spell ‘WOLF’, which refers to Apex’s newest legend added to the game in season 5, Loba .

Each bunker will likely be filled with regular loot, and the golden items will have set spawns, according to Shrugtal. If they’re correct, all four bunkers should be open for players to raid by July 14. Shrugtal’s tweet also mentions a quest-related bunker, but that isn’t pictured.

The leaks look pretty persuasive and I’m surprised they managed to get hold of specific dates. If they’re right, then the first will start opening two days before EA Play Live 2020 on June 18, where we’ll likely get official confirmation.

Thanks, Dexerto.

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