Apex Legends servers are down because so many people want to play Season 9 Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities

If you’re struggling to get past the main menu to try out all the cool stuff in Apex Legends Season 9, you’re not alone. Servers appear to be down all over the place at the moment, but Respawn says it’s on the case.

“We’re working through some service issues in @playapex at the moment due to high demand,” reads Respawn’s latest tweet. “We’re on top of it and will get players into games as quickly as we can!” 

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There’s no ETA quite yet on when servers will recover, but hopefully “as quickly as we can” is a matter of minutes and not hours. Maybe I’m not helping but repeatedly closing and launching the game hoping for something to change, though pretty much every Apex streamer is doing the same hopeful cycle. 

The last time I tried to get in, the game finally triggered the Season 9 Legacy cutscene before promptly telling me there were “no servers found.” Kind of an eerie way to put it, EA.

This is hardly an isolated problem for big battle royale games. Recently, Call of Duty: Warzone suffered from clogged servers during its scheduled nuke event—we couldn’t even participate for the first 90 minutes.

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