Ark 2 stars Vin Diesel?

A dadly Vin Diesel in an Ark 2 screenshot.

“Is that Vin Diesel?” I asked, watching the announcement trailer for Ark 2. “Have they copied Vin Diesel’s face?” Then he grunted. “IS THAT A REAL VIN DIESEL GRUNT?” Then he spoke. IT IS VIN DIESEL. Yes, Riddick/Groot/Dom stars in the sequel to Studio Wildcard’s dinosaur-hunting sandbox survival game, which is… what is this even going to be? They also announced an Ark animated series with a voice cast including Karl Urban, David Tennant, Michelle Yeoh, Elliot Page, and Russell Crowe. What is going on.

Studio Wildcard haven’t explained anything about the game yet, so it’s a big ol’ mystery. The trailer certainly makes it look like a God Of War-sorta dad ‘n’ kid adventure rather than a survival sandbox, but it is only a trailer. I’m wary of Ark trailers in particular because none have ever captured my experiences with Ark: Survival Evolved – of not having any cool stuff, and needing to turn the draw distance down to five metres so my PC doesn’t melt.

I suppose they could take the sequel in a radically different direction while the original keeps chugging on? Mysteries. Weird mysteries.

Also weird: the star lineup assembled for Ark: The Animated Series. Look at these names!

That’s wild. What a remarkable series of things to spring from a survival sandbox riddled with grinding and griefing. It sure looks like they’re trying to redirect its runaway success into something more prestigious.

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