Bannerpage 2.0 – Undercover and Underground Ops

Underground & Undercover Ops

*** New feature ***

Player gets access to completely new and unique game-play mechanics via building new special structures. Those two new structures can be built anywhere on the Campaign map, more specifically player can now build Hideouts which can afterwards upgraded to Hidden Bases. Both structures allow Player and his Party to remain hidden (invisible) to all AI parties while resting! Both structures have limited, but different men capacity. Player can only own/control two such structures at the same time (regardless of the structure level) or in other words, they can be simultaneously present only on two different locations. To change the structure location, if Player already owns two, Player has to destroy one and only then is allowed to build a new one.

Hidden Base allows player to hire four special NPC characters – aka gang leaders and then through dialogue with them access new underground/undercover ops mechanics, similarly like Diplomacy mod unlocks it’s kingdom management mechanics via Court professionals dialogues.

New player owned/built structures:

Hideout (lvl 1)

  • it costs 3500 denars and tools in inventory to build
  • has capacity to take and hide up to 12 people
  • it has large storage
  • the above makes it perfect for hunting base or as remote base for small gang (only companions)
  • can be upgraded anytime to Hidden Base

Hidden Base (lvl 2)

  • it costs 15000 denars, tools and lumber in inventory to build (lumber will be consumed)
  • has capacity to take and hide up to 40 people,
  • it has large storage and armory
  • it has Assembly Hall which allows employment of Gang Leaders
  • the above makes it ideal for undercover and/or underground operations

NPC Gang Leaders (Player’s assistants) and their specialties:


  • all her services are priced for a reasonable price, she can :
  • find out current location of any lord in Calradia
  • promptly give a description of Lord’s character and undisclose who his foes and friends are
  • fetch up her girls and throw a party for party members to raise their morale considerably
  • please player personally by playing cards or something else (more) …

Adam The Leper – Bandit recruiter

  • is middle man for recruiting any tier one BANDIT troop (similarly Tavern Professional Recruiters)
  • during recrutment procedure number of troops in party must not exceed 40
  • holds the keys of each Base Armories
  • always has the information on any ongoing Tournaments in Calradia

Galeas The Slave Trader

  • can always buy all slaves from player (his prices are in between Ramun’s and Ransom Broker’s)
  • player can choose which slaves will be soldl specifically or sell all of them at once by one click
  • he can transport slaves from Hidden base to the Salt Mine and create permanent income
  • can teach player the art of the slavery

Russel The Owler – Smuggler

  • buys loot from player (he is always loaded with cash)
  • always brings back ale (now morale boost) and fresh food, Few other things as well
  • can organize caravans for sending gifts to ladies
  • buying cart, driver and horse creates a perma link to player’s fief main storage
  • can provide information on any ongoing Feasts in entire Calradia
  • refreshes his inventories and cash reserve every 7 days

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Extended bad guy role-playing options

Enslaving villagers has been integral part of BannerPage ever since 1.0. In BannerPage 2.0 you’ll be able to:

  • throw anytime any regular party member in chains
  • kill any regular party member anytime
  • ask female party members to please other party members for a fee
  • recruit prisoner of your choice by talking him/her into it
  • have female prisoner gang raped and then killed
  • have anytime any regular prisoner killed
  • put noble prisoner to trial and set his bail amount
  • put noble prisoner to trial and sentence him to death
  • free any prisoner anytime

All actions above will reflect on many things like: morale, renown, honor, controversy, gold and relations with everyone and everything.

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