Before Darkness Falls – New Squad Manager Showcase

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Many days of development resulted in a new Squad Manager. It is equipped with many functions and features, in particular those that make unit’s inventory management easier. This brand new manager will be available in the next update, which is almost ready.

– Full unit inventory management

– System automatically counts bonuses for resistances and armor and shows the final result.

– Allows to remove all equipped items and transfer them to the player’s inventory with a single button click.- Fast toggle between units using the buttons, arrows and TAB key.

– Models change appearance depending on the equipped items that affect the appearance (weapons, shields, etc.).

– The module opens by clicking on one of the units on the list of available soldiers.

– Unit first and last name change

– Full unit’s information, health and energy points (with items bonus already calculated), missions completed, kill counts and many more.

– Help screen only for this module, including keyboard shortcuts and explanations.

– The module is fully prepared for any future modifications and possible additional slots for items.

– Optimized refresh system. The screen only refreshes the elements that are currently in use by the player instead of refreshing everything with every change in the inventory, which can affect performance or make small freezes on weaker computers.

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You can play Before Darkness Falls Season 1 Early Access on SC2 Arcade:

  • United States(US): battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/312389
  • European(EU): battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/223590
  • Or take links from MODDB Download

First 4 missions available!


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