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Bernard has scored five goals in all competitions for Everton since joining the club in 2018

Everton winger Bernard says he has been seeing a psychologist for the past year after having an anxiety attack.

The Brazil international, 27, sought professional help after being “taken by surprise” by the attack.

Bernard joined the Toffees in 2018 and has scored three goals in 25 appearances for the club this season.

“It’s not something I previously stigmatised, but I never thought I would require this type of treatment,” he said.

“But now I see how much I’ve evolved as a person, as a human being, how much this has helped me in my work.”

He added: “I’m stronger in all areas and have become a better person, more positive and more confident.”

Bernard admits to feeling “embarrassed” at times while opening up to his psychologist but says he is “grateful” for the experience.

“There were different symptoms, I had blurred vision. I’m a bit uncomfortable talking about it as it was a difficult situation, but I’m happy I’ve got through it,” he said.

“I think it’s only people who have been through such an attack who really understand the intensity, the way it manifests itself and how difficult it is. Also, how scary it is, as it’s so unexpected.”

For more information and support on the topic covered here: BBC Action Line website.

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