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Well, would you look at that. Someone’s invoked the Steam Summer Sale ritual and caused all game prices to come crashing down around our heads. Thanks, deals summoner, your deals herald is most pleased. It also means that putting together this week’s best PC gaming deals may include a teensy bit of overlap with those aforementioned Steam deals today, but I’ve done my best to hunt down the absolute cream of the crop to bring the biggest and best prices for today’s top games – including 40% off Control, almost half price on Resident Evil 3 and a nice little discount on Persona 4 Golden. Let’s get to it.

Game deals

Starting with Gamesplanet, you’ll find a tasty 40% off Control this weekend, as well as a nice big juicy 33% off A Journey To The Savage Planet as part of their 505 Games sale.

You’ll also find Steam-beating prices of 83% off Hitman‘s GOTY Edition, as well as 50% off Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and 55% off No Man’s Sky.

Gamesplanet also have the best deals on a bunch of Devolver games, too, including 40% off Katana Zero, 52% off The Messenger and 46% off My Friend Pedro. Be careful, though, as games like Gris and The Talos Principle are cheaper on Steam.

Artwork from Persona 4: Golden, which is now on PC.

Meanwhile, over at Fanatical, you’ll find 15% off everyone’s favourite JRPG, Persona 4 Golden. There’s also 15% off the deluxe edition, too, if you fancy a digital artbook and soundtrack thrown in as well.

Elsewhere, there’s 45% off the recently released Resident Evil 3 as part of their Red Hot Sale at the moment, as well as 25% off Hardspace Shipbreaker if you want to get in on some explosive space action.

There’s also 40% off Frogwares’ Lovecraftian investigation ’em up The Sinking City and a bunch of discounts on Mercury Steam’s Castlevania games. Castlevania Lords of Shadow is a Steam-beating 77% off, for example, as is Lords of Shadow 2, also at 77% off.

Finally, you can also get a 5% discount on Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light expansion, too, if you fancy putting in a pre-order for it.

Over at Humble, it’s time to grab 50% off Shenmue III and 35% off The Outer Worlds, both of which aren’t on Steam yet.

There’s also 20% off Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord as part of their Mount & Blade franchise sale, and 50% off Devil May Cry 5 thanks to their big Devil May Cry week.

A lot of their other deals, though, are all either the same as Steam’s Summer Sale or slightly worse.

If you can’t wait to play Death Stranding next month, then you’ll be pleased to hear you can currently pre-order it for 20% off its usual price over at GreenManGaming right now, which is quite a sizeable discount for such a ‘new’ (ish) game. Meanwhile, at the other end of the weird spectrum, they’ve also got 10% off Spongebob Squarepants: BFBB Rehydrated, if that’s your sort of thing.

GMG also have the best price on Borderlands 3 at 55% off. Most of everything else, though, is better on Steam.

Hardware deals:

As you may have seen by now, I’ve shifted our hardware deals into separate deals articles now, which will hopefully be more useful, and make it a lot easier for you to find what you’re looking for. You’ll find our regularly updated deals pages for graphics cards, CPUs, gaming monitors, SSDs and budget gaming laptops under £1000 / $1000 below.

That’s all for this week’s deals heralding. As always, some of these deals may get snapped up pretty fast, so apologies if some of these have already gone by the time you click on them. Until next week, happy hunting!

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