Best SMG in Warzone [Season 3]: a guide to SMGs in Modern Warfare

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There are some damn fine specimens of the SMG weapon class in Warzone, aren’t there? Built for speed both in their handling and how quickly they can drop an enemy to the ground, SMGs have always been very nearly as popular as Assault Rifles when it comes to premade Warzone loadouts.

Our Best SMG in Warzone guide will walk you through the stats of all seven SMGs on offer, before divulging our personal take on the very best and very worst SMGs that Modern Warfare has to offer.

The best SMG in Warzone

Like many others these days, we consider the MP7 to be the best SMG in Warzone. Devastating fire rate, high magazine size, and startlingly smooth recoil all combine to make this gun one of the all-time greats.

We’ll go into more depth with the MP7 and all other SMGs in our tier list, but first let’s make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to their stats, recoil patterns, and damage dropoff values. To that end, let’s take a look at the below SMG stats table, taken from our Best guns in Warzone guide:

Name Damage Profile Shots To Kill RPM Mag Reload ADS Move %
AUG 55 | 34 | 34 | 30 2-7 | 3-10 | 4-13 | 5-16 750 25 1.57s 250ms 97%
P90 40 | 25 | 25 | 22 3-8 | 4-12 | 5-16 | 7-20 900 50 2.09s 200ms 97%
MP5 49 | 34 | 34 | 30 3-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-15 800 30 1.70s 200ms 98%
Uzi 55 | 34 | 34 | 30 2-7 | 3-10 | 4-13 | 5-16 590 32 1.47s 184ms 100%
Bizon 55 | 34 | 34 | 30 2-6 | 3-9 | 4-12 | 5-15 650 64 1.72s 234ms 97%
MP7 40 | 25 | 25 | 22 3-8 | 4-11 | 5-15 | 7-18 950 40 1.49s 200ms 99%
Striker 45 55 | 34 | 34 | 30 2-6 | 3-9 | 4-12 | 5-15 600 25 1.70s 200ms 98%

Recoil Patterns

(Screenshots source: TheXclusiveAce)

Damage Dropoffs (Bodyshots to kill at 100HP)

(Data source: TheXclusiveAce)

The question now is: what do we value most in an SMG? Let’s delve into each of the seven SMGs in Warzone, starting with the best and working our way down to the worst.


Why is it that the SMG with the joint-lowest damage per shot is our pick for the very best SMG in Warzone for Season 3? We’re not alone in thinking this; while the MP5 still reigns supreme in Modern Warfare multiplayer, many Warzone players are now turning to the MP7 for their close-quarters encounters thanks to its excellent rate of fire and – more importantly – its smooth and eminently controllable recoil.

This is the MP7’s main advantage over the MP5 and others in its category. Most SMGs have a tendency to bounce quite a lot between shots, but the MP7’s bounce is almost negligible – particularly when kitted out for recoil and range. Added to this is a high base magazine size and extreme rate of fire, both of which more than make up for the MP7’s low damage profile and ensure its place as one of the strongest weapons in Warzone.

Check out our best MP7 loadout here!


When it comes down to it, SMGs are meant to be used in close-quarters encounters. And at point-blank range, you can’t do any better than the MP5. Its recoil is significant, but it has one of the fastest time-to-kill stats of any weapon in Warzone.

You can definitely kit out the MP5 for range, but to be honest I prefer to use it with an Assault Rifle or LMG capable of handling mid-to-long ranges, and kit the MP5 out purely for extremely close quarters dominance. This is where the MP5 becomes truly unmatched, but it does rely on you picking the right times to use it. Attempt to outgun a Grau with an MP5 at 50 metres and you’ll be punished. But force that 50 metres down to 5, and it’s a very different story.

Check out our best MP5 loadout here!


Shortly after Warzone began, players realised that the AUG had hidden potential as one of the strongest top-of-the-meta guns in Warzone. It’s always been a powerful and reliable SMG, but the revelation was specifically with the AUG’s 5.56 conversion kits, which inexplicably give the AUG the fastest time-to-kill (from 250 to 0) of any weapon in Warzone.

In reality, I find it doesn’t quite match the strengths of the MP5 or the MP7, but the AUG is still a popular choice and a true force to be reckoned with. This is the one gun I’d consider using in place of an Assault Rifle or LMG for mid-range combat, because a 5.56 AUG with the longest barrel and a Monolithic Suppressor can go toe to toe with the very best Assault Rifles in certain situations.


As you can plainly see from the recoil patterns in the above table, the P90 offers probably the smoothest and most controllable recoil of any SMG in Warzone. Taking a similar path to the MP7, it combines this smooth recoil with a very fast rate of fire and naturally high magazine size, all three of which are designed to make up for the gun’s low damage per shot.

Make no mistake: the P90 is a pretty wonderful SMG. The reason it’s lower down in this list is that it tries to beat the MP7 at its own game, and marginally fails – thanks mainly to its mediocre attachment options and its poor damage dropoff values, which drastically reduce the P90’s damage as you head towards mid-ranges. But the P90 is still very capable of wiping out entire teams at close range.

PP19 Bizon

I actually love using the Bizon, and wish I could have placed it higher up on this list. It’s nearly as controllable as the P90 but with the added benefit of much better damage over range. And it boasts the highest magazine capacity of any SMG, which is a very important factor when it comes to fighting multiple enemies at once in Warzone.

Unfortunately, it comes down to the fact that the point of an SMG is to dominate at close-quarters combat, and from this standpoint the Bizon is handily beaten by the MP5 and the 5.56 AUG. The Bizon’s strengths relative to other SMGs is that it’s more like an Assault Rifle; but then, why not just use an Assault Rifle?


The Uzi has some very interesting qualities. I keep coming back to it, thinking, “but what if it has hidden depths I’ve not yet plumbed?” Every time my answer at the end of the session is the same: the Uzi is better on paper than it is in reality.

I love its speed and handling, but the side-to-side bounce between shots makes hitting targets at ranges over 5 metres trickier than it should be. The damage per shot is very respectable, but the rate of fire is just too low to be viable.

Striker 45

Warzone’s newest SMG is also its worst. The Striker 45, more than any other gun on this list, tries to be an Assault Rifle; it hits pretty hard, and features the best damage dropoff values of any SMG. But the strange and bouncy recoil undoes this good work by making the idea of mid-range encounters with the Striker 45 completely abhorrent; and the low rate of fire leads me to think the same of the Striker as I do of the Uzi.

It’s true that with all the right attachments you can make the recoil of the Striker fairly respectable; but it requires you to sacrifice so many slots to the cause, and the end-result will always be something that is outclassed by any SMG at close range, and outclassed by any Assault Rifle at longer ranges. It’s just not worth it.

And there you have it! Hopefully now you’re a master of the Warzone SMGs arsenal, and you’re ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test. But in case you’re still hungering for tips and stats, be sure to check out our other Warzone guides below!

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