Big Update news and 15 minutes of gameplay in Free Roam

It’s been a while. For the remake of AWTIP, I will want to overhaul everything on my own starting from HUD, guis, sounds etc. to perfection and much more I will post the update covering everything here aswell as the gameplay video. The overhaul progress is still on going, but I want to share the current state of it with you.



– Improved and overhauled a chunk of the environmental ambience sounds. This includes:

  1. Very high quality water/ocean sounds
  2. Very high quality swimming sounds which include pannings/3D effects. This means while swimming the sound of the water sounds will come out randomly and vary from different directions of your sound output (right, left sound output if have).
  3. Very high quality, realistic, ear pleasing underwater sound ambience and loop.
  4. Much better, realistic, pleasing splash sound effect if player jumps into water and for physical objects/NPC’s which land into water aswell.
  5. Replaced about 90% of footstep sounds with high quality, more realistic sounds. This includes: Rock, Grass, Dirt, Sand Dry, Sand Wet, Ladder, Wood and Water footsteps as of now.
  1. Redone the player voice to fit more of an young 20s male. For now the breathing voices have been replaced (when you surface from the water after diving). Pain effect still on the list. The protagonist is not Jack Carver. Jack will probably be an friendly ally you’ll meet at some point in the game, most likely hanging out at an allied fort/outpost instead, for side missions.
  2. Redone the player hand’s. Smoother, younger caucasian skin with brown full leather gloves. Still WIP. It was my first time ever texturing the hands.
  1. Repainted the entire player HUD to fit a more tribal, survival fitted FarCry style.
  2. Replaced the default weapon crosshair with a three ponged, black crosshair instead.
  3. Repainted all icons for items, pickups , health, etc. The general style of the hud and items is black, grey and white with a rough look on it.
  4. Stealth-o-meter repainted to have a black/white color

This would be it for now. More to come soon. And as told earlier, here is the 15 minute of gameplay demonstrating and presenting all of the improvements listed above, and showing off a bit of environment during Free Roam outside of missions. Sorry if it flickers sometimes, I had beefed everything inside the Editor up (Realtime shadows, plants receiving shadows, effects etc.) and cranked all the settings to 100 to make it as best looking as possible. This will be reduced to make it playable in the future.

[embedded content]

Recommended to watch in 720/1080p

The full map is still WIP, some areas are left untouched.

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