Boris Johnson warns all sports will be behind closed doors until coronavirus vaccine is found – The Sun

FOOTBALL and all other major sports are set to be warned: No vaccine, no fans.

PM Boris Johnson and his Government believe it is unlikely to be safe to stage events with crowds until a Covid-19 cure is found.

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Football fans could be waiting for more than a year before they are allowed to attend gamesCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Boris Johnson believes it is unlikely to be safe to stage events with crowds until a Covid-19 vaccine has been found

They will not even consider it until September at the earliest — and that could be extended even further until a vaccine is discovered.

This will be crushing news for football clubs who will have to prepare for at least half of next season behind closed doors.

And it will mean certain closure for some teams who will be unable to continue.

The government will publish a 40 page-long document today to detail the plan, and the Prime Minister will lay it out in the Commons Monday afternoon.

And professor Chris Whitty, the government’s Chief Medical Officer, warned on April 22 that chances of having a vaccine within a calendar year were “incredibly small”.

Dutch football has already been told by the country’s health minister Hugo de Jonge that fans will not be allowed until a coronavirus vaccine is found.

In Germany, there will be no big gatherings until the Autumn meaning the start of the next Bundesliga season will be played behind closed doors.

Premier League clubs will stage a video conference on Monday with the latest information from the government.

Cricket clubs, rugby clubs and major golf events are also set to be hit by the news with all sports set for crisis meetings over how to handle to news.

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