BotBrawl Multiplayer Gameplay footage and current plans for the near future

Hello together,

we recently were able to do multiple online playtests with users from our discord community. For multiple hours we destroyed each other without mercy and got some great visual results out of it as you can see from the video below:

[embedded content]

Intrestingly playing some hours with only a few people already was enough to see some kind of “gameplay-meta” regarding usage of certain weapon parts. According to the info we got there we were able to apply some balancing changes to hopefully remove the current meta gameplay of laser-shotguns since they were way too powerfull.
We also realized that the current “melee-weapons” (basically on contact exposives you strap to your bot) are basically a must have currently and are also in need of balancing. Regarding this we will have to see if those have to be remoddeled to be larger so that the amount of parts used is forcefully reduced by that or if a rebalancing by reducing damage and increasing the energyconsumption of said parts is a better way.
Nonetheless we also played a game with “melee-only” bots which resulted in hilarious situations. (check out 0:30 in the video)

What’s to come?

Sadly there is not much other progress to show off here since we are currently working hard on backend services and server improvements.
This way we hope to introduce actual login and playerprogression within the next big update somewhere in the next weeks. Until that we look forward to test our current game to polish it as far as possible and root out current bugs.

If you have questions regarding anything feel free to contact us or leave a comment somewhere. We also do have a mailinglist now to keep you guys up to date, you can subscribe to it on our website.
Other than that follow us here or join our discord.

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