Buckie Thistle’s blossoming bond with best-selling author Stephen King – BBC News

Stephen King sent a photo to Buckie Thistle officials of him wearing the club’s kit and scarf

It’s an unlikely tale of blossoming romance between the American master of horror writing and a Scottish Highland League club.

Stephen King, best-selling writer of works including Carrie and The Shining, has clearly taken a shine to Buckie Thistle.

He helped give the club worldwide attention by featuring them in his latest book, If It Bleeds, in April.

And now his donation of two copies of the novel will help boost the Moray club’s coffers through a fundraising auction.

In return, Buckie sent the 72-year-old some merchandise and have proclaimed him a “fully fledged Jags fan” after King nailed his colours to the mast by proudly donning the club’s shirt and scarf.

The club have an open invitation to King, who has Scots-Irish ancestry, to attend a game at Victoria Park. He will know real horror if he turns up mid-winter in Moray wearing short sleeves…

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