CAA Signs Fashion Creator Marko Terzo – Hollywood Reporter

He has 4.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, where he specializes in customization and DIY art.

CAA has signed YouTube creator Marko Terzo. 

The 18-year-old internet personality is known for his fashion videos on YouTube, where he has 4.7 million subscribers and specializes in customization and DIY art. 

Terzo began posting on YouTube in 2017 but doubled down on his commitment to the platform last year. He has since garnered more than 325 million views. Terzo has collaborated with creators including Addison Rae and Logan Paul and worked with such brands as Converse and Adobe. 

Terzo has more than 8 million followers across social media platforms. He is also the founder of apparel company The Satisfied. 

CAA will represent Terzo in all areas. 


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