Call Of Duty: Warzone has quietly removed helicopters and it is a travesty

Should I just, like, stop posting about the parts of Call Of Duty: Warzone I enjoy? First, they took my Bounty Contracts (though they’ve since put them back). Now they’ve taken away the bloody helicopters.

Infinity Ward haven’t said why, but it’s probably because people were exploiting a glitch that let them buzz about beneath the map, killing people.

Infinity Ward broke the news in this tweet, where they also mention that they’ve twiddled with the Plunder game mode, and swapped around some of the modes in regular multiplayer. More details about that can be found on the COD blog.

You’re here for helicopter outrage, so let’s jump to that. It turns out people were flying helicopters beneath the map, where nobody could see or shoot them. Unfortunately, the chopper cheaters could shoot at people just fine.

It seems the path to the underworld lay beneath a harbour lock. All you needed to do was fly up to it and wriggle about a bit.

I do understand why temporarily removing helicopters was necessary. I get very invested in Warzone matches where I survive until near the end, and having one of those curtailed by an invisible, invincible helicopter sounds miserable. But helicopters were great, and I want them back as soon as possible.

Infinity Ward have given no indication as to when that will be.

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