Calradia Awakens 1.5.0 Complete Revamp with Fantasy Races


complete revamp for Calradia Awakens has been released, all factions have been remade and fantasy races have been included.

Please check us out at:

I’ll update here as the mod develops, soon. It’s just easier for me to update in one place.

Once I hit a major milestone, I’ll upload the files here as well.

Right now the following has been included:

Orcs, Elves, Drow, Undead, Vampires and associated kingdoms.

Magic and guns are of course still part of the mod!

Big thanks to:
yhyu13 ( – Maintains and updates our multi-projectile and aura features. Big thanks to him!
BestMods168 ( – For the work he did with his hand cannon mod and the fire lance! In general just the work he does.
NthNik from Reddit, for allowing to use his banner (
NCW14 ( – For digging through those files and finding hidden meshes! In general just the work he contributes to the community.
jargondarat ( – Author of Hammerlord, we often help each other with new things we learn, a great member of the modding community.
The Discord Team – ( – For organizing the channel and following my adventures!

The Undead

The Orcs

High Elves

High Elf Trader

High Elf Lord

High Elf Townswoman

The Drow / Dark Elves

The Drow / Dark Elves

The High Elves

The High Elves

The Undead



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