Can US Congress save small businesses? Ask FT reporters

Do you have questions about the US government’s efforts to support small businesses devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic? Why are many local shops still waiting for funds while some big businesses have received multimillion-dollar cheques? Who is taking advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, how are applications being handled and will things be any smoother when the next round kicks off, if Congress approves another $250bn in funding? 

Laura Noonan and Lauren Fedor, our US banking editor and our Washington correspondent, respectively, have been covering this story closely, tracking everything from the bumpy rollout of the PPP to wrangling on Capitol Hill over whether to approve more funding.

Today, they’re taking some time to answer your questions.

Laura is our US banking editor and Lauren is our Washington correspondent. Together, they can field broad questions about the political and financial aspects of this story: how the plan is meant to work (and what has gone wrong), the plans for round two, and what’s happening behind the scenes in banks and in Congress. They can also answer more specific questions from small business owners. 

Ask your questions in the comments below. Laura and Lauren will be dropping in regularly to answer them over the course of the day. They may also be joined by other FT journalists, so keep an eye on this page.

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