C&C: Reloaded v1.6.0

C&C:Reloaded 1.6.0 released with latest CnCNet support and tons of changes.

The most noticeable changes of this release are:
– Yuri Bio Warrior and Repair Disk improvements & new skills: Bio Warrior softens armor & slowdown units a 50%. In the case of the Repair Disk (added in this release) it increases the armor temporarily a 100% while is being repaired.

CnC Reloaded new unit skills

– Some balance changes like the new attack delay of the Psychic Tower:

CnC Reloaded Psychic tower charg

– New units for detecting stealth vehicles for RA2 factions and disabling enemy radars: The Radar Jammers

In the case of the Soviets:
CnC Reloaded soviet radar jammer

In the case of the Allies
CnC Reloaded allied radar jammer

– Reworked Nod Super Weapons, disabling the Tiberium Shower and leaving a vitaminized version of the Chemical Missile as replacement.
– New game mode “Blind Assault” based on the Assault game mode but that the shroud that covers all the map regenerates in an instant making you “blind” and forcing you to explore.
– More explosions and anims from Tiberian Sun were adjusted in size & ported.
– More AI tweaks.

It can be downloaded in the downloads section at ModDB:

If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here:

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