Celtic ‘satisfied’ no wrongdoing at SPFL after vote against inquiry

Celtic have “great sympathy” for clubs who will end up in a lower division

Celtic have welcomed the rejection of an independent inquiry into the SPFL’s vote to end the lower-league season.

Twenty-seven clubs voted against an inquiry, with 13 backing Rangers, Hearts and Stranraer’s call for an investigation, and two abstentions.

Scottish Premiership leaders Celtic say they are satisfied there has been no evidence of wrongdoing by the SPFL board or executive.

The Glasgow club urged focus on “the financial survival of all our clubs”.

The support of 32 of the 42 clubs was needed for the resolution to pass.

Welcoming the “decisive” vote by the clubs, Celtic said the crisis was not the fault of one individual or organisation.

“It would be irrational to suggest otherwise,” the club added in a statement. “It is the duty of everyone committed to the future of our game to make the best of this awful situation, and not the worst.

“We greatly regret the denigration of named individuals who have, on every occasion, acted upon decisions which were made by the board of the SPFL, representing all 42 clubs.

“The board and executive of the SPFL have operated under circumstances of unique difficulty in dealing with challenges of an unprecedented nature.”

Celtic added that, although not directly involved in issues of promotion and relegation, they have “great sympathy” for clubs who will end up in a lower division.

“While we have been supportive of temporary league reconstruction, Celtic also understands the position of clubs who do not support reconstruction at this time,” the club said.

“We recognise the hugely damaging effects that measures to counter the pandemic are inflicting on football clubs of all sizes across Scotland, Europe and beyond. It is the duty of everyone with the interests of football at heart to work for the greater good of securing the future of our sport.

“In that spirit, Celtic will play our part in ensuring the earliest possible safe return to something approaching normality. Our highest priority is the safety of our players and supporters and we are acutely aware that Scottish football’s current difficulties represent only a tiny part of the challenges faced by society as a whole.

“We now appeal to all clubs to look to the future in the knowledge that the threats which exist to the fabric of Scottish football are grave and unprecedented. All of our energies should be applied to planning for the return of the game in season 2020-21 and to the financial survival of all our clubs.”

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