Chapter 2: Insecurity April Article

Greetings, dear community!

Just a month ago we’ve shown you this new project of ours. We want to thank everyone for all of your feedback and support! It was really important for us and we are glad that you liked it. It means a lot for you and us, because we are continuing our work.

Insecurity - Black Mesa: Blue Shift

Development of the second chapter, “Insecurity”, is in full swing now. Currently we are close to finishing the base geometry. We plan to implement some interactions with the environment and NPCs. Thanks to the help from Crowbar Collective’s voice actors, we will now be able to bring a lot of new guard and male scientists lines and scripted scenes!

Insecurity - Black Mesa: Blue Shift

We would like to note that in the process of making this chapter we found some inconsistencies in location of some places that conflict with the Black Mesa locations. In order to fix it, we will try adding some small extentions. Because of that, we would like to hear your opinion on such actions. You can see a screenshot of one of those new places there:

Insecurity Extension - Black Mesa: Blue Shift

We remind you that with the release of every new chapter we will release fixes and changes to previous chapters too, so if there is any criticism from you about this, we will always come back and fix everything.

Drinking Fountain Model - Black Mesa: Blue Shift

There are more things in our plans: we want to remake hands viewmodel and pistol animation. Menu still needs a lot of things to change(mostly visually), and HUD. We also want to release M4 and Beretta models from Azure Sheep separately, as they were requested by a lot of you.

Insecurity - Black Mesa: Blue Shift

Here is the new soundtrack from Daver:

[embedded content]

And small bit of the elevator:

Insecurity - Black Mesa: Blue Shift

And the last thing that we want to tell you: we want to make our Patreon more alive, so we’ll try to release a bit more of exclusive development content there.

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