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The Chinese fashion industry is booming as we speak. Many might question the creativity of the Chinese fashion industry considering it is known for mass-producing low-quality fashion, but this overshadows the contribution of many Chinese fashion designers who have infused a new wave of imaginativeness into the Chinese market. Today, there are many designers, old and new, who have established themselves as harbingers of change and are receiving recognition from the world. Their creations are ably competing with the many popular Western brands and are already part of the celebrity world.

To give you an insight into the progressive world of Chinese fashion, I have enumerated a few well-known Chinese fashion designers whom you should know. Here are 5 of these designers!

  1. Uma Wang: Having studied fashion in London and worked at various home-grown fashion labels, she ultimately ventured on her own into the competitive fashion industry. She started her namesake label in the year 2005, and that was the start of something new and incredible. Ever since her debut, she has showcased her collections in mainstream fashion shows such as those at Milan and Paris and has amassed critical acclaim for the same. As of today, she has over 100 retail outlets of her brand across the globe. Adding to her glory is a series of awards she has received from time and again such as the 2011 Audi Progressive Designer Award.
  2. Yiqing Yin: Born in the capital city of Beijing, Yiqing Yin is a Paris-based fashion designer who has made a name for herself in the world of Haute Couture. After having worked with Cacharel, a French brand, for more than a year, she officially started as a fashion designer and has been unstoppable ever since. Her first collection was showcased at the Hyeres International festival in the year 2010, which convinced the critics that she would climb up ranks in the future—and which she did. She is a guest member of the French Federation of Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear. Since the year 2014, she has been leading the French brand, Leonard, in the capacity of the Creative Director.
  3. Ban Xiao Xue: Ban Xiao Xue started his own label in the year 2012 soon after being declared the winner of the Woolmark Award in China. Having studied fashion in China, you will find his designs heavily influenced by Chinese and natural inspirations which have contributed to his popularity in the country. If you are a sucker for prints inspired by nature, then his designs will definitely make the cut. He was the principal designer of the home-grown brand, Exception, for 5 years before he started his own label. Presently, he is Shanghai-based and has become a popular name among celebrities, domestic and international alike.
  4. Christine Lau: After having studied in London, she moved back to China and started her own label, Chicktopia, sometime later in the year 2009. Her brand is aimed at creating quirky yet playful designs which are very much reflected in the personality of the designer. Despite the whimsical prints on her creations, elegance does not lose its touch on whatever she creates. Her peculiar creations have drawn the attention of many Chinese celebrities including Joe Chen and Baihe Bai. In the year 2014, Christine Lau decided to venture into new territory and collaborated with TUMI to launch a line of travel accessories. She is a popular figure in the Chinese fashion industry who has achieved so much in so little time.
  5. Ryan Lo: If you look at Ryan Lo’s collection even once, you will remember it forever. Being a great fan of Romantic fantasy, you can experience all sorts of sub-genres in his designs. Having learned fashion in London, he has gone on to revolutionize Chinese fashion.


    With his childlike prints and designs coupled with stark undertones, Ryan’s vision is exquisite yet pleasantly reckless making an excellent combination so difficult to find in contemporary times. He claims to be an autodidact, having drawn much of his inspirations from YouTube videos. His peculiar vision has not gone unnoticed, and he has been a recipient of many awards such as the Dreamy Award by the Serpentine Gallery.

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