Cloudpunk’s cyberpunk city looks amazing in first-person

One of my favourite releases of 2020 so far is Cloudpunk, a story-driven delivery game set in a stunning, clearly Blade Runner-inspired voxel metropolis. I loved it, but one criticism I had was the use of fixed camera angles whenever you left your vehicle. But now, thanks to a recent update, you can now switch to a first-person view (or third-person) at the press of a button. And it’s a much better way to experience the dystopian city of Nivalus up close.

I spent some time today exploring the rain-soaked city in first-person, and the video above is a document of what I saw. Cloudpunk is a stunningly atmospheric game, and it looks just as good through the eyes of protagonist Rania. This shift in perspective really sells the scale of the city, especially when you look up and see skyscrapers tickling the clouds. So stick on some headphones, sit back, soak in the ambience, and have a Roy Batty moment.

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