Combat Simulations: AC-130U “Spooky” Gunship – AI Reactions, New Impacts, and More!

Combat Simulations: AC-130U “Spooky” Gunship – AI Reactions, New Impacts, and More!

Well, another week of development and I’ve made some good progress. A lot of this fortunately and unfortunately is on the back-end, so there isn’t a lot to show, but the basic groundwork is set to get more complex with AI reactions.

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  • AI Improvements: As I’ve mentioned, I’ve finished creating the basic foundation to continue building on the AI. Along with this, I’ve created almost every reactionary behavior needed, in order for the AI to act realistically when being engaged. Depending upon how many rounds are fired at a combatant and how closely they impact near them, will cause them to run for cover, hit the dirt and attempt to get away, look for places to hide, or simply observe explosions from afar. Each combatant also has a basic morale system that also dictates what they are capable of doing. Taking too much fire or watching to many of their own be decimated can cause them to break, resulting in falling motionless to the ground or running completely out of the AO.
  • New FXs: Made a few tweaks to the 40mm and 105mm impacts that results in a more interesting to look at explosion. I intend to make these weapons feel as powerful as they actually are in real life. Nonetheless, I’m sure these will continue to be tweaked until I either lose my mind or release the game!
  • New Buildings: With a lot of the AI work completed, I’ve began creating the needed assets to fill the world. Luckily, low-poly models are quite easy to throw together and due to the nature of the post-processes used in the game, it doesn’t require a lot of finesse (maybe that is my Achilles heel?). Either way, I’ll continue to add assets each week.

That is it for now – thanks for your interest and support. Till next time!

-Sklorite Studios

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