Combined Arms 0.62 Release

Now Updated to 0.62.1

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Welcome back Commanders,

I hope you are all safe & well!

Darkademic & I have been working hard over the last few months on the next update for Combined Arms & I am now happy to bring you our latest update.

Like January’s update, It is packed with great new features & units inspired by classic Westwood games & also the original concept art.

Here are just a few of the fantastic new units:

Allied – Chrono Prison:


The Chrono Prison was a cancelled Yuri’s Revenge Unit, In Combined Arms it is Germany’s unique faction unit.

It can easily paralyse even the biggest & strongest enemy units and erase them from time! Perfect for dealing with those pesky Mammoth tanks!



Soviet – Siege Tank


The devastating Siege Tank is based on the Red Alert 2 Tank killer concept art.

This unit never made it into RA2, but in Combined Arms it joins the fray as the Ukraine sub-factions unique unit!

it fires large concussion shells at your enemies, stunning them & slowing their fire rate, while also dealing heavy damage.



Soviet – Tesla Reactor


Red Alert 2 fans will instantly recognise this structure!

In Combined Arms, this structure works as a regular power plant for the Russian sub-faction; With an additional ability to be overcharged.

Be warned though, if it takes heavy damage while being overcharged it will start zapping friendly units in your base without warning!



Combined Arms is available for download now! and is compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.

The game is completely standalone, so you do not need any previous version or a C&C game installed.

Now Updated to 0.62.1

Combined Arms 0.62.1 Hotfix

I hope you all have as much fun playing the Combined Arms as I have had making it!

Thank you & stay-in and stay safe in 2020!


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