Congratulations to the 2,000,000th RPS comment!

The bringing-in of the 2,000,000th comment, as captured in an illustration from 'The Popular History of England'.

Rejoice, fans of big numbers and digital discussion, for we have received our 2,000,000th comment. Two million comments on RPS! At 3:57pm on Wednesday, we hit that milestone thanks to reader “EdgeObscurity” and their thoughts on Terra Invicta and X-Com. A small comment for them, a big number for us. And I cannot tell you how glad I am that we’re not gathered here today to celebrate a pun comment. Yeah come at me, punsters.

We’ve seen more than two million comments, mind – this figure doesn’t include double-posts, spam, and dickheadery we’ve had to delete. But that, that is the two-millionth comment we kept. And we shall keep this. Everyone in the RPS treehouse has committed to linking hands and having this comment tattooed across the span of our collective body.

This moment is making me wish I’d been saving some of my favourite comments along the way. We’ve had some cracking discussions and jokes that made me laugh until I broke down coughing. And puns were there too.

Ah y’know, it’s not dramatic, but I think one of my favourite RPS comments things is The Flare Path Foxer. Week after week, Tim Stone’s collaborative puzzles bring people together to solve problems I do not entirely understand. I admire and appreciate the effort.

Here’s to another million!

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