Coronavirus: Fans flout distancing rules in Hungarian Cup final – BBC Sport

Budapest Honved fans gathered behind the goal during the Hungarian Cup final

Some football fans appeared to ignore social distancing guidelines during the Hungarian Cup final on Wednesday.

Only the lower tier of the 67,215-capacity Puskas Arena was open, with fans encouraged to sit apart during Budapest Honved’s 2-1 win over Mezokovesd-Zsory.

Most fans obeyed the rules, but rival groups gathered behind each goal.

Hungary became the first European country to allow fans to attend games since the Covid-19 pandemic on 31 May.

Mezokovesd’s Laszlo Pekar cancelled out Ivran Lovric’s opener, but Djordje Kamber scored the winner for Honved just before the hour to secure their eighth Hungarian Cup success.

Mezokovesd-Zsory fans gathered behind a goal at the Puskas Arena
Honved fans sung and waved flags during the Hungarian Cup final
Djordje Kamber scored the winner in the 56th minute

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