Coronavirus latest: UK to sell record amount of debt to finance spending binge

Coronavirus round-up: US and Asia-Pacific regions report spikes

The coronavirus pandemic has worsened worldwide with the US recording nearly double the number of cases since two weeks ago while in the Asia-Pacific region China, Japan, South Korea and Australia have recorded fresh spikes in their infection rates.

In the US, which has a quarter of the worldwide 10m cases, more than 42,000 new infections were registered on Sunday, double the number recorded two weeks ago. In the south, which was among the first states to relax lockdown measures, and west, the number of new infections reported daily has doubled since June 15.

Japan has reported the highest infection rate in Tokyo since it ended a state of emergency and the largest case count since May 4.

Australia is facing a spike, with 75 new cases in the state of Victoria.

Beijing has taken the total for its second spike to 318. China has acted swiftly to tackle an outbreak that emerged more than a fortnight ago after infections were reported at a wholesale food market.

South Korea, where locally transmitted cases have risen, has created a classification system for social distancing. Its total case count has increased to 12,715. The country is at level one of a three-level system: the situation is considered manageable but Seoul, which has been the worst hit over the past three months, has imposed tougher distancing rules.

In the UK, which has been the most affected country in the world after the US and Brazil, the city of Leicester may face a localised lockdown after a rise in cases there. The UK has registered more than 43,000 coronavirus deaths. In Leicester, figures on June 16 showed about 25 per cent of the city’s 2,494 cases were reported in the past two weeks, the BBC said.

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